Back at the office of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) as part of my energetic development I was to participate in two Vibrational State Laboratories. It is a funny thing once you’re in the IAC’s classroom the energy levels there are so different that the experience that takes place can be profound.  Let’s just say that personal demons and attachments can be revealed as well as a protecting force. Well some people may not be ready to unlock self.

When I arrived everything was already set up for me to begin. I went into the room and the light were dimmed and air conditioner set to a comfortable temperature. I sat in the recliner and started s moving the energies up and down to install the vibrational state. While the vibrational state was being installed I had heard the door leading to the main office open; however, I…

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A government bureaucrat for the City of New York; Retired National Guards man and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II; Trained in Mental Health Counseling and Psychology; word smith and master of all trades and student at the Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy...

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