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There comes a time in life when we seek to find an inkling of a message, perhaps a tiny bit of hopeful inspiration. Some search the stars, some search scripture. There are a few answers, though, so blatant you have to laugh. I look no further than my lovely bride. She searched for thirty-two years to find me again. Pardon the pun, but God only knows why. But my point is some search forever to find what they want in life. In reviewing my past and its missing parts, there are things I wish happened differently, but God had His reasons. He wants us to experience the storms. They strengthen us and draw us closer to Him. Every now and again, messages become billboards, so self-explanatory of His signs. Like this ……

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When I saw this truck’s sign on the highway, I thought about it for a minute or two. It was a profound message, “God’s hiring for faith.” I laughed to myself for twenty minutes and then wondered how many others saw the sign and got the message.

God is an equal opportunity employer who wants to hire those of faith to join his congregation here on earth. Then, in His perfect timing, we will march onward in unison. Christ, His servant shall lead the charge with a few and the brave as though we’re Marines bonded by faith. Employees of God will inherit the earth!

Now Hiring verse

It’s a new day! It isn’t too late to find a sanctuary you like where you can give your soul in the name of God. But, be not disgruntled by personal infractions. Instead stay focused on God and let your problems sort themselves out under His power. God’s the main character – the boss! Now hiring, He has a place for every one of us.

Begging for peace, as the morning soothes the dark sky, I hear the wings of the doves as they reach for the heavens. They fly off in the calmness, God permits life to begin once again. We must allow ourselves to follow Him.

Now hiring those of faith! Put a sign on your tailgate because God wants us all. Listen to the sounds of another mysterious morning. The long shadows, the stillness, the solitude, and God is poised waiting on YOU. Be not alarmed to wake in His presence as His grace awakens with you. A sovereign sun beacons…Now Hiring!




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