SIWO Global News 11th August 2018 #116

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Police Make An Arrest In Fire Death Of Seven-Year-Old Boy

The severe fire in Deptford on Tuesday killed Joel Urhie and caused his mother and sister to jump to safety from the first floor. The boy who dreamt of becoming a fireman has been praised by family, friends and neighbours.  The Police has announced they have arrested two men on suspicion of attempted murder and for arson with intent to endanger life.

Airport Worker Flies Stolen Plane and Crashes

A 29-year-old airport worker stole a plane last Friday and flew it, after ‘incredible manoeuvres’ he crashed and died.  Seattle Airport had to close and two fighter jets gave chase.  Co-workers and family are surprised as the man they knew did not seem like the one who had acted so recklessly.

Man Charged With Murder After Shootings In Canada

Police in New Brunswick, Canada were called to a report about a gun poking out of a window of an apartment and two people on the floor.  On reaching the policeman and policewoman were shot dead.  A task force arrived, residents were advised to stay indoors as the whole place was on lock down.  The arrest was made in one of the flats of a suspect.

Inspirational Story


“We Will Be A Mighty Nation If We Build Each Other”


Lailah Gifty Akita



Contents- BBC News

SIWO Reporter:  Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful  Be Joyful  Be Peaceful


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