You will pay high

I don’t like
Greed is bad;
Greed is a sin;
Greed causes harm;
That is simply hard
To believe;
Those who are greedy,
Do pay very high.
Stay away from greed;
You won’t pay the price.
If you embrace greed,
You will surely regret;
Greed destroys
Greed destroys
The world.


One thought on “You will pay high

  1. In the same scripture that denounces sexual promiscuity of ANY kind, the sins of gossip and greed AMONG BELIEVERS is addressed. It states that we should not even eat with such brethren. Greed among Christians is rife. This is very, very sad. The Bible teaches us to judge over fellow believers and to expel the bad flies from the ointment. We are not to judge non-Christians.

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