It was hard to imagine

When we started
Our blog,
It was hard to imagine
That one day
We would be where
We are;
It looked
An impossibility;
Like success was only
For others;
All the same,
We gave it a try;
It wasn’t easy;
And though it was hard,
We never gave up;
We kept on;
Falling and rising;
Learning and moving;
Slowly but surely;
Good to say,
Success began to smile
At us;
One step at a time,
We got nearer
Our destination;
One brick at a time,
Our edifice went up;
One person at a time,
We built our community;
Today, we stand tall;
High up in the sky,
And look down;
Its hard to believe,
Where we stand;
Its hsrd indeed,
When we know
From where we come;
That is our story;
Which can be your story;
This is the truth;
No matter where you stand,
Whether in the middle
Of the ocean,
Or the bottom of the mountain,
You can rise to the top.
Take the first step;
And let the second follow;
And the third;
And the fourth;
And the fifth;
Until you can count no more;
You will make it;
As we have done,
You will do;
Only you must keep going;
If you fall,
Don’t remain there;
Get up;
Dust yourself,
And move on;
Your place is not
At the bottom;
Your place is at the top;
Get going;
And get there.


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