SIWO Global News 13th August 2018 #118

Knowledge is Wealth

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British Govt Plans To End Homelessness By 2027

In the last seven years the numbers of the homeless has spiked and many are battling with mental, financial, addiction and housing problems.  £100 million is the amount the government wants to put in this initiative, the Housing Ministry would like NHS England to invest £30 million.  St Mungo, a Charity helping rough sleepers are happy with this move but say it’s only the beginning and that more money will be needed.  One rough sleeper said he was ejected from his accommodation because he was not engaging with the services.

Ticketmaster Closes 2 Websites To Stop Ticket Touts

Fans wishing to go to  Ed Sherran and Adele concerts will be glad to know they can now have a fair crack at tickets that are being sold second-hand.  The two artists have been calling for the prices of ticket resold to be regulated.  The websites are

AI  Diagnosis Could Save Sight Of Millions

Computers have been taught to diagnosis eye disease and it could revolutionise treatment and lives.  Many people will be saved from going blind.  It is a pioneering trial by Moorfields Eye Hospital and in 1000 tests, the computer did not miss a single case of disease that needed urgent referral.  The technology was developed by Google’s DeepMind and the developers believe it could be used used to analyse X’ray, MRI and CT scan.

Inspirational Story

Ewe language Quote


“The oldest palm trees give the best wine”



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