Travelogue – Series 6… SurSagar Lake, Vadodara – Gujarat

In continuation with my Travelogue Series…

I have discovered “Incredible India” travelling extensively and took the opportunity to share my awesome experiences of the rich Indian Culture through my blogs…..

During my recent stay in Vadodara city of Gujarat; I happened to visit the Sursagar Lake – a great tourist attraction point.

Sur Sagar lake also known as the Chand Talao is a lake situated in middle of the city of Vadodara in the State of Gujarat in India. The lake was rebuilt with stone masonry in the 18th Century. The water in this lake remains in it for the whole year. A concrete wall surrounds the lake on which the people use to sit. A 120 ft tall statue of lord Shiva built by Vadodara  Mahanagar  Seva Sadan stands in the middle of the lake. There are many underwater gates in the lake which empty the lake if it overflows. The water from the lake empties in the Vishvamitra River.

The beautiful and huge statue of lord Shiva 120ft tall holding a Trishul, it is eye catching and is usually decorated on various occasions like Maha Shivratri, Ganesh Utsav etc.  the statue in the lake gives you the emanation of serenity.  The water in Sursagar lake is clean and looks crystal blue,  It is an artificial (man-made)  lake but still it is full of water for the whole year. The boating experience of this lake is amazing as you can feel the cold wind that blows and makes you feel like you are in heaven. You can feel the positive environment and the purity of the lake. The lake is surrounded by all local stuff of vadodara.


During evening the view of Lake is extremely beautiful, you can see the lights that are glittering around Lord Shiva’s statue. During the Ganesh Utsav the idols are immersed in this lake. Just beside the lake there is a famous school of music which is also one of the attraction of Vadodara. The lake was renovated in 18th century and was built with stone. In this lake you can enjoy watching the ducks and fishes.

Many tourists come here in search of peace they sit on the bank of lake and meditate to get peace. The environment around the lake is so calm that you feel refreshed, people usually go there on weekends to enjoy boating with their loved ones, the view of sunset and the sunrise from the lake is appealing .



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