Travelogue – Series 8… Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple, Poicha -Gujarat,

In continuation of my Travelogue Series…

I have discovered “Incredible India” travelling extensively and took the opportunity to share my awesome experiences of the rich Indian Culture through my blogs…..

During my recent vacation; I happened to visit the Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple, Gujarat, India; I was spell-bound by the beautiful architecture and couldn’t resist myself to post my experience and share it on my blog…

Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple is located at Poicha village on the banks of river Narmada – very well connected from Vadodara (Baroda) or Bharuch – about 80kms from Bharuch and 60kms from Vadodara.

It is a beautiful Swaminarayan temple constructed in a very large area and one of the most amazing pilgrimages that attracts people in huge numbers from in and around Gujarat. You can have a divine experience by visiting the Sahajanand universe, Nilkanth dham and the surrounding area which is full of scenic beauty.


Swaminarayan developed various temples in many cities of India. The main attraction of the temple is its architecture; carved very beautifully and gives you a perception of ancient times. There is amazing art work in the walls of the temple wherein you can see the sculptures and statues of lord krishna that are carved so nicely in various different posture, it will remind you of the stories of Lord krishna how he used to steal butter and how he used to tease the girls (Gopikas) carrying the matkas (pots). The view of the temple is mesmerising and gives an immense feeling of devotion due to the calm and serene environment. The paintings in the temple are amazing and can steal your heart as they look very real and natural. Its architecture includes a dome structure with statues of various forms / avtars of Lord Vishnu.

The temples entry gate is marvellous – made up of gold and silver plating. The temple is decorated with flowers and lights on various festive ocassions like Diwali, Holi, Krishna janmashtmi etc. and people enjoy being a part of this festivities celebrations. Krishna janmashtmi is celebrated in the temple with colors and flowers and the life of krishna is depicted on this ocassion from birth to the time he ruled.


It is a beautiful temple and one must visit it atleast once in a lifetime to enjoy its architecture and scenic beauty; the place is well-maintained – neat and tidy – inspite of heavy rush throughout the year


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