Faith is most important

If you don’t have faith,
Don’t think it’s everybody
Who doesn’t have it;
Some people have real,
Strong faith;
Faith that moves mountains;
Solid faith
Unshakable faith;
And this is so wonderful;
A great blessing;
What can you do without faith?
With faith,
You can do anything
You want;
With faith,
You can do things
That look impossible;
Faith is most important;
And you should do everything
To cultivate it.
Faith in an Almighty God,
Who can do an undo;
Faith in yourself;
Faith in Gods plan for you;
Faith in your abilities;
That you have what it takes
To do anything you want to do;
Faith that you will find others to help you
When you need them.
If all you spend time
Doing is building your faith,
That would be time well used.


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