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My thoughts run wild as an acquaintance tells stories, squandering the paths led to by God, of brothers in Christ. I’ve sat amongst those groups of finger pointing who is always asking, what gives you the right. Speaking for myself, I gather much wisdom from the stories of these men who have crosses to bear. The paintings etched in their fragmented soul of the past’s pain, still relay its toll. Respectfully, I pray God, our great Father, will heal the life which destroyed your soul.

In a sanctuary of dreams and prayers why should the chosen few be deprived of the goals we seek and only God controls? Do you think faith is not our driving force in creating an opportunity to serve the Lord? Life’s path may have led us astray, but faith shall be our strength. Our scars of personal wars fought long ago, will always cast shadows on our inner spirit.

So, let us walk where the milestone starts…. we all bear the right to withstand and be counted for life’s woes. Any man or woman who serves the Lord is no better than your life’s paramount test of time. But, I congratulate and commend you as you, too, are our inspiration. Who are you, I speak so highly of my friend in Christ, that leads us not to where temptation reigns?

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Let’s review the meaning of 1 Timothy 3: 8-10, Paul’s perspective of a healthy, functioning church. Most churches assign deacons and elders to their congregation. It does not ordain them ministers or priests living in divine holiness. The verse, 1 Timothy 3, describes the mannerisms and ethical morals one must gain to hold this title. But, their function is to be a mere “prop” or support to its people which connects the foundation of Christ to the fallen world. They are not the authority or truth on earth, lest they stand in judgment.

So what gives some of us the right to spread God’s word, even though we had another life of perhaps ungodly decisions? Because it is what God asks us to do as believers in Him. We are fallen children which God uses as an example of His forgiveness and salvation. It is not our job to rescue and save others, but merely to tell others, “God loves you and wants you to seek eternity with Him”:


We all have axes to bare, but brothers, every Christian can be a deacon of God’s church. I pray we take a page from the patrons past that God, somehow, will give us everlasting life through teaching His word to lost souls. Though our routes may waiver, we plot our course in life and never ask why we were chosen. Isn’t is more Christian-like to support and love our fellowman rather than be Satan’s vessel?

We, the servants of God, are layered in armor for impending negative narratives as we follow Christ on an endless journey. I reminisce and pray someday we will stand together in the sight of our Lord, take a number and be counted as we walk where the milestone starts.





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  1. Just read in Acts about oneness of mind in the first century church in Jerusalem. Paul wrote about Rome and other destinations where pagan beliefs and superstitions soon transformed The Way into a quasi-Christian religion, in so many ways devoid of much truth. It is in this climate that we read about strife and division. If we became like first century Jerusalem followers of The Way, things would soon be different.

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