SIWO Global News 14th August 2018 #119

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Terror In Westminster- Driver Hits Cyclists and Runs Into Security Barriers

A 29 year old man drove his Silver Ford Fiesta into the cyclists and pedestrians at 7.40am injuring three people.  Two of the injured were taken to hospital and one was treated at the scene.  He mounted the pavement towards policemen who jumped out of the way.  He ended up in the security barriers by St Stephen’s entrance where the police arrested him outside the Houses of Parliament.  Immediately on hitting the cyclists people gave chase, shouting for him to stop and within minutes of  hitting the security barriers the police threw a ‘terror cordon’ around Westminster, closing down the Underground Station and the roads around Parliament Square.  Counter-terrorism Chief Officer say he is not cooperating not known to the police.

Suspension Bridge In Genoa Collapses Sending Cars 150 feet Down below

A bridge built in the 1960s collapsed sending motorists hurling down 150 feet down, some walking away with minor injuries, others with severe ones or to their death.  26 people have so far been reported to have died and there are 300 emergency officers, sniffer dogs and helicopters at the scene.  The road is a major connection between the French and Italian Riviera, a major repair plan was to be commenced on the motor bridge.  Civil engineers are calling for all old bridges with excessive repair costs to be rebuilt.

Flash Flood Waters In Pennsylvania- SWAT Team To The Rescue

The flood waters from the Fishing Creek

Many families had to be evacuated when heavy rainfall caused the flood to central and eastern parts of the state.  Roads were under 3 feet of water, the water rose so quickly that residents had to go to the upper floors of their homes and were rescued by boat.  Motorists had to be rescued too.

Inspirational  Story


“The Youth of a Nation are the trustees posterity.”


Contents- BBC News, Evening Standard,

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful, Be Joyful, Be Peaceful




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