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Train Fares To Go Up By 3.2% Despite Commuters Going Through Rail Misery

There was an uproar by passengers and MPs as it announced that train fares were going up by 3.2% despite months of rail misery.  Passengers have faced delays and cancellations to the services they need for going to work, school and leisure activities.  The rise will no doubt hit family budgets and transport organisations.  The rise will, for example, add £138 to the cost of the annual season ticket from Brighton to London, £163 a year to commuters from Oxford.

Advice By Sophia Loren to Young Girls- #MeToo

When asked about the #Metoo campaign in a chat before an event ‘An Intimate Evening With Sophia Loren, she said, she felt lucky to have avoided any harassment and led a “serene” life.  The scandal gives her the chills and to young girls she advised, “When you find yourself in a difficult position you just have to go on and don’t trust the people that you shouldn’t.”  She believes meeting her husband at the right time and their long- term relationship from 1950 to 2007 when he died insulated her from harassment.  The event will be hosted by Jonathan Ross at the West End’s the Aldwych Theatre in October.

Crystal Palace and Zaha reach agreement on a New Deal

The Crystal Palace footballer Wilfred Zaha who has been with the club since he was ten years old.  The 25-year-old had rejected an offer of a new deal in the summer but since the transfer window closed, during which time Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund had been chasing Zaha.  Crystal Palace put forward another offer to Zaha and he has accepted the deal worth £125,000 a week.

Inspirational Story


“Young people need models not critics.”


John Wooden


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