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‘QUEEN OF SOUL’ Aretha Franklin dies at 76

The greatest female singer, soul singer Aretha Franklin died today at 76 and she was surrounded by loved ones from family and friends.  Tributes have been pouring in from former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, fellow artists and citizens of Detroit and the world.  The past few days have seen a call to pray for her when she was gravely sick and visits by Award- winning musician Steven Wonder and Civil Rights Leader Jesse Jackson.  The stellar career of this wonderful lady is making her voice, a gift from God shine and positively influence the world. Rest In Peace.

Mali Election sees Ibrahim Boubacar Keita re-elected

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has won the election and although he has been re-elected.  The opposition man Soumaila Cisse is not happy even though this was the second poll since there was complaints about discrepancies in the first run-off.  The land-locked country is faced with armed fighters, it has 20 different ethnic groups where poverty is a problem.

Give Mennigitis W strain Vaccine to the Youth

Public Health England  has received a warning from the Coroner that students in the 16 to 20 age group should receive the Meningitis W Vaccine. The clarity of who should receive this vaccine is to be sorted out as a young university student died within a week of arriving at Bournemouth University.  GPs were given the task of vaccinating those who missed out in Year 9.  The letters which should be going out to students are not.  There are students from all over the world in Halls of Residence with different levels of vaccination, therefore the risk is there for this virus to circulate.  This is why International students are asked to register with GPs as soon as they arrive and to receive the Meningitis W Vaccine which takes two weeks to become effective and afford protection.  Parents, GPs and Public Health England must take this seriously and work together to get all who should get the Menigitis W Vaccine vaccinated.

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