SIWO Global News 17th August 2018 #122

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E-Cigarettes Recommendation

A Committee of MPs who are in favour of e-cigarettes are urging the government to see to it that the NHS endorses the use of e-cigarettes in its public places. At the moment only some NHS places allow vaping.  They also recommend its use in Mental Health Units as people with mental health issues tend to smoke more than others, replacing smoking with vaping is seen as a lesser or no health risk. The MPs have called for Authorities to loosen the tight regulations around the types of vapours available.

There has been a call for caution by researchers who found vaping could cause future health problems.

Monsoon Floods in Kerala Worst In 36 years

The Monsoon floods are the worse the inhabitants have seen, whole towns are under flood waters.  More than 324 people have died and a quarter of a million are homeless.  Helicopters are the only way people are being evacuated.  Nearly everyone has lost most if not all their belongings.

Imran Khan is Prime Minister of Pakistan

The election at the end of month showed Imran Khan, the ex-cricketer now politician won by a slim majority.  There were calls for vote-rigging and some in the opposition parties saying they would not accept the results.  Today all have agreed to declare Imran Khan as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Inspirational Story



Contents- BBC News,  Evening Standard

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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