You will get there

Are you doubting?
You may doubt
If you like;
But, let me assure you,
You have no reason
To doubt;
You will get there.
Why do you doubt
What you should
Not doubt?
You will get there;
That is as clear as
If it is hard now,
Don’t worry;
And dont be discouraged;
Stay on course;
You will get there.
I am very sure of that.
Focus on the target ahead;
And keep going;
Explore all the ways;
If a method doesn’t work,
Discard it,
And try another;
You will get there;
Does not mean impossible;
Let it be difficult;
But keep at it;
Take a rest if need be;
Then you get back
To business;
The bottom line
Is what matters;
And the bottom line
Is clear:
You will get there;
if not today,
If not now,
Some time later.
You will get there.


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