Characters and Actors

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It’s the third week of August, and our cooler weather is so out of character for Arkansas. Even a nearby chameleon notices the change. He lays in the flowers changing colors so as not to be seen by enemies. I asked God, “Is he acting or is this his character?” I chuckled at God’s humor. Now, my mind wonders to famous, well-known actors, like the John Wayne’s and Clint Eastwood’s, which we gravitated to in their popular years of movies. Were they acting or were some of the characters they played honestly their personality? Were these stars the same both on and off the silver screen? Did their colors when they were out of sight?

Characters and Actors

Furthering my thoughts, other actors of the twentieth century came and went with fictitious credentials, some blatantly spying like a Bond 007 character. They ended up in court with their integrity in question. Today, I observe Christians we know personally, perhaps family members or close friends. Is their character in question or are they, too, acting like standup, righteous people? Are they chameleons camouflaging their colors from church on Sunday to their real character Monday through Saturday? Some people stay in a marriage for a very long time, but one day they walk away from the commitment. Was their life just an act? Did we just see someone that finally came out of the closet? It makes you wonder how long we must live with another before we feel comfortable? Do we ever really know someone?

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Then there are the hypocrites who serve their church faithfully yet walk out its doors and live an ungodly lifestyle. How can one justify this actor’s life with God? What would happen to them if Jesus returned to earth five minutes from now? Yes, we are all hypocrites but some more so than others. A real Christian life is not about acting a role or playing a character. Shady characters best define their integrity for they practice their sins routinely.

We should take an honest look in the mirror and decide where we fit upon the stage of Christianity. Are we the chameleon for Jesus or a Jesse James to those who know us? Are we a Christian in name only? Jesus took hypocrisy very seriously.

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With acting and our characters aside, a true believer’s heart loves and trusts Christ explicitly. Hypocrites want Christ for the good He might do them in the world. A true Christian will love God sincerely and strive to keep His commandments; a hypocrite will clean up their act for men to observe and relieve their subconscious mind. God is sitting in the wings with His arms crossed, shaking His head at the bad character.

But, for some lucky few, He smiles and sends blessing after blessing along with a stamp approval. Your one of His children appointed to walk in His Son’s light. God bless you!




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