SIWO Global News 19th August 2018 #124

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More Earthquakes In Indonesia

The island of Lombok got two more tremors and it resulted in the death of fourteen people, the magnitude of the quakes were of 6.3 and 6.9.  A tsunami warning was not given, there was damage to motorcycles, homes and a mosque and a Community Hall that was weakened by Sunday’s quake was destroyed.

British Woman Rescued After Fall From Cruise Ship

A 46-year-old British woman was rescued 10 hours after being in the Adriatic Sea – 60 miles from the shore.  Kay Longstaff was taken to hospital.  The Croatian Coastguards were glad to have saved a life.

Brazilians Attacked Venezuelan Refugees Border Camp

The plight of the people of Venezuela with the collapse of the economy and the crisis of government since 2015, has caused hardship for most of the population.  The impossible situation led to lack of access to cash, hospital and health services, medicines, food, water, jobs and security.  Many have left for neighbouring countries like Brazil.  After years in the border town Pacairama, the Venezuelans were attacked by their Brazilian neighbours.  The incident  was sparked off by violent assault on a Brazilian man, and the Venezuelans were blamed for it. Nearly all belongings of the Venezuelans were mostly destroyed by fire or smashed.  A protest march of Brazilians chanted for the Venezuelans to leave and chased them up a hill.  The Army were called in to bring order and calm to the situation.

Inspirational Story


“Share your smile with the world.  It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.”


Christie Brinkley


Contents- BBC News,  Al-Jazeera,

SIWO Reporter: Susaanna Dziworshie

Be Careful   Be Joyful  Be Peaceful



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