How I built my amazing team

I boast of an excellent team on the web.
I am not comparing it with any other team;
I am comparing it with my dream team;
And it is nothing short of my dream team;
I love my SIWO team;
It is a dream come true;
Do you like to know how I came about this team?
I prayed and God gave me the charming men and women I have in this amazing team;
I love and appreciate every member of this wonderful team;
The world is full of wonderful people,
Who are ready to support any good cause;
If you have a good cause,
Pray for good people to support you,
I can assure you,
They will come;
God will give them to you;
A great team is a gift from God;
No weapon fashioned against it
Can prevail;
Now, if you want a good team,
Go for it;
But you must not form a team;
You can join a team;
And SIWO is a team to join;
Its arms are open to all.
To be with SIWO is a wise thing;
Decide wisely now to join
The amazing SIWO team.


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