SIWO Global News 22nd August 2018 #128

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President Trump under pressure about Illegal Payments before 2016 Election

More pressure is on Donald Trump after Michael Cohen gave a guilty plea for paying two women illegal money before the 2016 election, and he said he was instructed to do so by the President.  They kept their actions silent as it breaks the finance laws of elections.  The trouble for Trump increased when Paul Manafort, his former Campaign Manager was found guilty for tax fraud.  The President has told reporters that it is a witch hunt.

British Government apologises to EU children born in UK  2008-2014 and denied Passports

Children born in the United Kingdom between 2008 and 2014 have been denied renewal of their passports even though they used to have one from birth to three -years-old.  British authorities have told the parents their application wasn’t complete because of the  lack a form called Worker Registration Scheme.  The parents feel this is an excuse to  penalise them and it’s part of the government’s “hostile environment'” against immigrants.

Venezuela shaken by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake

The strongest ever earthquake has been recorded, thankfully there are no reports of structural damages.  The country is already in the grips of severe economic crisis.  It is difficult to see how how they would cope with a natural disaster.


Inspirational Story


“Life is like a roller coaster,

Live it, be happy, enjoy life.


Avril Lavigne


Contents- BBC News

SIWO  Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful   Be Joyful



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