SIWO Global News 23rd August 2018 #129

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Diabetes Epidermic Warning

The British Heart Foundation warns of the epidermic of Diabetes Type II, which in turn could start a rise of 29% in heart attacks and strokes linked to the condition by 2035.  The Mail’s review of the report show that the diabetic epidermic has serious consequences and the Daily Mirror writes on how more needs to be done to encourage people to eat better and exercise regularly.

Jeremy Corbyn suggests proposals to reform the UK Media Industry

One of the proposals Jeremy Corbyn wants to see is a windfall tax on technology companies such as Facebook, Google and Netflix tto fund public interest journalism.  This would subsidise the BBC licence fee.  He will also warn that a few Tech giants and many billionaires will control the media spaces.  He will be giving a speech at the Edinburgh TV festival with all his proposals

Children in good health should give up their seats?

A row on Twitter started because a LBC  woman broadcaster had said children who are fit and health must give up their seats after travelling on the London Underground and seeing a family with three boys of 10- 13 years-old all occupying seats.  What’s your view on this?

Inspirational Story


“Start by doing what’s necessary;

then do what’s possible; and

suddenly you are doing the



Francis of Assisi

#SIWO #129

Content- BBC News,   (The Mail/The Mirror/The Guardian)

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful   Be Joyful  Be Peaceful



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