SIWO Global News 24th August 2018 #130

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Alex Salmon has complaints of sexual harassment made against him

The former First Minister of Scotland has these complaints made against him, which was said to have happened when he was in the post.  He has in turn taken the Scottish Government to court because of the unfair way they have dealt with the case so far.  Nicola Sturgeon, the present First Minister and a close political ally is in a difficult position.  However, she stands on the principle that nothing must be swept under the carpet and justice is taking its course.

Hurricane Lane brings State of Emergency Situation to Hawaii

Hawaii is in the path of Hurricane Lane and preceding the storm is the severe flooding, winds of up to 130 miles an hour and landslides the people have been experiencing.  The Governors of the various islands and officers of the emergency have been informing the public of actions to take and instructions to follow to keep themselves safe.  The category 4 hurricane is forecast to taking a northward turn by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center and say this increases the risk of “significant impacts”, with high winds, heavy rainfall, flash flooding and storm surges.

Trump cancels Pompeo’s trip to North Korea

The President has twittered he cancelled the trip because of lack of progress in the denuclearising of the North Korea Seas.  The trade war with China is also part of the decision.

Scott Morrison is New Prime Minister of Australia

A week of political shifts has resulted in a vote of no confidence in Mark Turnbull.  Scott Morrison used to be the Immigration Minister and had a hard stance on immigration from Asia.

Inspirational Story


“Be Happy And A Reason Will Come Along”

#SIWO #130

Content- BBC News,

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful    Be Joyful  Be Peaceful




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