Waiting time

I am waiting;
I am in a waiting
It’s waiting time;
And while I wait,
I don’t want
To waste my time;
I want to use my time beneficially;
Waiting time can be
Good time;
It can bring great
If well exploited;
Tell me how you spend
Your waiting time;
Do you waste it?
Or you spend it
Do you reap good fruits
From your waiting time?
Make us know;
Share, that others
May learn and grow.


3 thoughts on “Waiting time

  1. I used to hate waiting time, especially as back home there is this senseless habit going by its own BMT aka Blackman Time, where someone can even keep you waiting for 3 hours. Traffic is another forced waiting time. Well, today I have a kindle I carry along which has over 150 books (all types) +the bible even. You can tell what I do with that waiting time when I don’t have an option like in the case of traffic. I love the simple but sweet to soul flows of most of your write us – bravo for all you do for us all

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