F!RsT FL@mEs

Express… 🙂


DAY 56 Continuing

When we think that it has extinguished,

Our minds work in confusion,

With the amount of work done, the rust on the crown sheds by will,

Sharpness is experienced by the wheels’ fluidity,

The instincts guide,

The balance of intuition and reason awakens the conscience,

The scent of smoke alarms one at first,

Thinking it’s danger around,

However, it’s not around,

It’s here…within,

What if it burns one to ashes,

It’s not there to burn to ash,

It makes one alive instead,

The adrenaline rushes before the calm,

It says… I’m alive… it realizes… I am life… living,

It senses its breaths for the first time,

It experiences its intelligence,

The intelligence of life running through,

It realizes how powerful it is,

What it was searching, it is.

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