Rising From The Ashes

Rise again, dear warrior..! 🙂


DAY 56

He left..

Being on his trail of ashes..

To be the ‘legend’..

He failed seeing the truth of his steps..

The trail of ashes he left behind..

No turning back..

He walked merrily with pride..

Her teary gaze captured his dance..

Heartbroken was she..

The co-dependent in distress..

She was in love..

An act of kindness, empathy, and care..

Charmed by his wit and feat..

Left on the grieving stone..

To digest it all..

Was it a lie?..

His true face known to him..

The researcher of the mind would say..

A narcissist..

Turning more into the beast..

His trail of legend..

Left behind a wounded heart..

Dreaming for his love..

Who has he really become?..

Is it too late?..

The beast has been fed..

Did he allow her to remove the fragments of glass from him? No..

“Splinters of the troll-mirror in his heart and eyes..”


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