A quote on anger

“If you think that there is nothing good in anger, you are wrong. Anger has both a negative and a positive side. The negative side may be overwhelming, but the positive one should not be minimized.” Romilia Quotes


2 thoughts on “A quote on anger

  1. Pain is the source of fear, (reliving, anticipating, or imagining pain). Pain can be experienced directly or indirectly when indirectly when witnessed, or instilled by others. If direct pain comes from the acts of others, anger fuels fight, fear fuels flight, and freeze.

    Fear from the threat of pain can produce intimidation, submission, and repression, which bring their own forms of pain. Multi-caste societies, and societies that support slavery are clear examples of pain-enforced social structures. In those societies, anger is used to control the subservient population. Those in control use anger and threats of punishment if the lower classes do not obey the “laws.”

    People who act, or do not act, out of fear are angry, but are afraid to challenge the source. Unexpressed anger accumulates as resentment and can foment intense anger – hatred.

    Instances of injustice can raise anger above fear, and produce rebellion and revolt.

    Out of this, one can point to examples in history where anger was justified and resolved by compromise and force. Somewhere, mixed among the many harms caused by anger, there may be some positives. Aside from righting grievous wrongs, I have not seen anger produce anything good.

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