Every thing to me

I have someone
Who is my hope;
My only hope;
Someone you know;
Someone you have
Heard about;
Someone not far
From you;
Someone who is
My comfort;
My only comfort
When the going is
On that one alone
I depend;
Who knows who that
Must be?
Do you know?
Someone so special,
And dear to me;
Someone I love
With all my heart.
Do you know?
Tell me if you do.
Someone so sweet
And loving;
And kind like no one
I have met before;
That someone is you;
Yes, that someone
Is you, my Lord.
You are everything
To me in this world.


2 thoughts on “Every thing to me

  1. Success thanks for this write up. I can’t stop thanking and loving this very person in my life. Am a living testimony of his touch. I always tell people that it’s by his grace we are saved not by our might.

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