SIWO Global News 26th August 2018 #132

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John Cain The Vietnam Veteran And Six-Term Senator Dies At 81

Tributes for the Senator John Cain have been pouring in from former Presidents Obama and George Bush.  President Trump tweeted his sentiments to the bereaved family and Meleana to the Cain’s family regards added her appreciation of the work he did for the United States.

A Gunman In Florida Shooting

At an entertainment Video Tournament two people were killed when a gunman fire shots into the crowd.  A number were injured and were taken to hospital and two self-referred themselves to hospital.

Theresa May To Visit South Africa, Nigeria And Kenya

Theresa May is to visit South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya in the coming week.  The first British Prime Minister to go to Sub-Saharan Africa in 15 years.  In preparation to leave the European Union she is laying a foundation to cement ties for Post-Brexit deals.

While in South Africa she will present the ship bell of the SS Mendi, which sank off the coast of Isle of Wight in 1917, to President Ramaphosa.  SS Mendi was unintentionally rammed by a Royal Mail packing boat, SS Darro.  Most of the men on the SS Mendi were black South African military labourers due for the Western Front in the First World War.  The incident became a racial injustice to the South Africans because the captain of the SS Darro did not send lifeboats after his boat rammed the other vessel causing the men to drown and moreover he was only suspended for a year.  The Queen and Nelson Mandela , in 1995, unveiled a memorial in Soweto to the men who drowned.  Some years ago a BBC reporter was tipped off about where to find the ship’s bell.

Theresa May will continue her time with President Ramaphosa focusing on building a deepening and a strong global partnerships in preparation for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.  Her journey takes her to Abuja, Nigeria to meet President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday where she will also meet with people affected by modern slavery.  Her last day will flying to Kenya to be welcomed by President Kenyatta.  On this trip will be some minister, business leaders from the corporate world, medium and small business owners.

Inspirational Story


Just Remember:

the people that say,

“Your dreams are impossible”

have already quit on theirs.


Grant Cardone


Content- BBC News   Google quotes

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful,   Be Joyful,   Be Peaceful




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