You haven’t seen anything yet

Your miracle has happenend
Hasn’t it?
Your miracle has just happened;
The miracle you have prayed for,
And waited for,
And hoped for,
Has just happened
Under your very eyes;
Yes, miracles do happen;
Miracles do occur;
God does it for they who put
Their trust in Him;
He has done it for you;
He has shown himself to you;
He has shown you he loves you;
That He never fails
They who put their trust in Him;
He invites you to trust Him more;
To rely on him fully;
To surrender everything to him;
Have you got the message?
And are you paying heed to it?
So favoured you are.
Put your full trust in Him;
The miracles you see,
Have only begun;
You haven’t seen anything yet.


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