Food is the ultimate truth

Not the lack of food;

Not the lack of will;

Not the lack of effort;

Not even the lack of empathy;

It is the lack of access

What makes them hungry,

They don’t demand words;

They are not in persuit of wealth;

They are not demanding more;

They don’t need someone elses share;

They just need

What others are wasting;

What you are wasting;

What you do not value;

What world just throws away,

They are your neighbors if you recognize;

They are your brothers and sisters;

Above all they are human beings;

Nothing more or less

Just because they are part of us, is

What makes them important to us;

What makes their problems our problems,

Now what is our duty

What is our purpose;

What should be our purpose;

Must be guided

By their journey of suffering and pain;

By their struggle to survive;

By their perception for value of food;

By their desire to live;

By the only truth that they aspire for

And that truth must be food.


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