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5 Myanmar Generals Accused Of Genocide, War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity By The UN

The United Nations Security Council is to refer, the Commander-in-Chief and four other  top Generals of Myanmar to the International Criminal Tribunal, after a Report it commissioned found gross atrocities were committed by the military.   Some of the interviews revealed how men, women and children were gathered together, only to have the men shot after being told to stand up.  The women were taken to a room and set on fire.  The Generals in charge knew about the atrocities and did nothing about it.  The Prime Minister of Myanmar, the Nobel Peace Winner Aung San Suu Kyi has also been criticised for her silence on the matter.

Mother and Daughter Stabbed in Sollihul

A man hunt has been set up by the Police after a mother and her daughter were stabbed,#

by the latter’s boyfriend. Late in the night the Police were called after screams were heard.  The public have been advised not to try and approach the accused.

The World Health Organisation Uses New Technology to beat Cholera

Cholera is a dangerous disease and spreads through contaminated water when heavy rainfall  and poor sanitation systems occur.  Over 50 countries are have cholera epidemic.  Yemen is using a new system to locate where there is likely to be an outbreak and Health workers are sent to advise the people to keep areas around and in the houses clean.  The Meteorological Office has partnered with the WHO and using a map they can pinpoint areas of high population density, a four week notice is given.   Since this health initiative started,, the cases have reduced from 50,000 last year to 2,500 this year.  The  hope is to be able to educate the masses and also predict the rainfall eight weeks before it comes.

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