Always Look Up……

Be happy, life is too short, you must always be ready to grab  opportunities, you never know when and where your breakthrough would come from. Take risks, close your eyes and fall, you never know who would catch you.

Live a little, smile always,  forget the pain and hurts, know that sometimes you need the scars to remember where you have been,  those same scars would stop you when you open the doors to wrong decisions again.

Dream, plan , don’t wait for hand-me-downs. Build your own empire, it doesn’t matter when you will get there, just keep on building; remember tiny droplets of rain would one day make an ocean.

Run, yes, don’t stop running, you need to get to the finish line. Don’t be distracted,  don’t waver for little joys when the diamond and gold is waiting for you at the top, and when you fall, just get up. When you fall again,get up yet again and when you fall again I say get up yet again, don’t stay down, don’t self pity I say get up, dust yourself and keep going. Time and Tide waits for none and your success story isn’t tied to how you made it but is related to how many times you got up after falling.

Give Love, Show Love, Be In Love, Be All Love. God Is Love After All, So All You Can Do Is Love Love And Love.

You must always be yourself;  be confident in your imperfect perfections. There is beauty within your scars;   layers of skin and  makeup is not beauty.. your beauty lies in your heart, your smiles, your eyes. ..the one that glows and radiates to your outward look…the one that God sees and says “You are beautifully and wonderfully made”, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Hey!! Look Up,  Smile. You Look A Whole Lot Better When You Do So, Always Look Up;

Don’t Look Down;  Because If You Look Down, And Keep Looking Down, You Will Soon Find Yourself, Going Down;

If You Look Up, And Keep Looking Up, You Will Soon Find Yourself Be Going Up.



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