Cravings… some decisions in Life !!

 ‘The core of the matter’   – What is the meaning of the phrase ??

The core of the matter is when you are looking at the center of something.

I recently faced an incident, one fine morning when  I had just picked up one of the apples from my fruit tray… washed it and wiped it with a paper towel until it got the red glossy look that made it look more yummy.

After biting into my apple….I was surprised to see what was at the core of my beautiful glossy red apple.

It was rotten to the core…and as for me…I was shaken to the core because the few moments before attractive glossy red beautiful apple had turned  into being  now inedible, indigestible, unpalatable…and I was now no  longer craving for it.


This incident made me ponder on the following thoughts:

  •  How many times in our Life  have we given in to cravings – ‘loneliness’, mid-life crises, impulses, hasty decisions, rebounds from a heartbreak… by quickly rushing into the arms of someone who has very little or no regards for anyone else’s feelings?
  • Like the half bitten apple…we come to our senses only after the first ‘bite’ that this was not a brilliant decision.
  • Cravings sometimes happen because of a void at that moment.

And also just think  about the aftermath of that unpleasant event?

How do you feel when you replay those guilty moments when you are alone at nights?

Don’t be fooled by giving in to undesirable cravings.

To those who lack good judgement and are simple minded…the price is much higher than you first anticipated.

“Stolen water tastes best, and the food you eat in secret tastes best of all. However, always remember that the victims do not know that people die who go there.”

As earthly human beings we are always  tricked into believing that anything God has forbidden must be fun, exciting, pleasurable…and so it’s appealing to us.

Like my red glossy apple… after the first bite …the core of the matter is – can we live with the consequences of our cravings?


  • Don’t put yourself or allow anyone to pressure you to give in to evil..
  • The temptation to give in comes from us, we have no one to blame..
  • Cravings grow up and becomes a killer of peace, joy and happiness..
  • Don’t get thrown off course…
  • Think twice, Act wisely and don’t jump into conclusions !!

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