Optimizing Bone Health

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Social media fitspos are always so focused on the muscles, how they look, forgetting that at the foundation we have our bones!  Our bones pull on our tendons in order to produce movement.  They help us maintain posture and sustain body positions throughout the day.  They support our soft tissues like our visceral organs, and the entrance/exit of the body.  They also help maintain our body temperature by releasing heat.

By age 18, 90% of our bone mass has developed.  Did you know that we can help the future generations optimize the development of their bone mass density through proper intake of vitamin D, calcium, and CONSISTENT physical activity?  Even weight training!  The old school myth that weight training stunts growth is just that, a myth.  We have so much research that documents that not only does weight training not negatively affect growth, but how it positively affects bone mass…

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