SIWO Global News 28th August 2018 #134

Theresa May in South Africa

Theresa May joined school children from South Africa in a dance they did to welcome her to their country.  She spoke of a £4 billion Trade and Economic Investment because she wishes United Kingdom to be the leading investor in Africa and by 2022 Africa would have a healthy economy.  There was also a ceremony in the memory the crew and Black South Africans going into the First World War, Theresa May handed over the ship bell of SS Mendis, the bell was recovered after the the ship sank due to being unintentionally rammed by a Royal Mail boat.

Ed Sheeran calls for Creative Arts Funding for Schools

The young talented songwriter spoke about having to learn how to write songs and to play the guitar, he didn’t know these skills.  “I went to a Comprehensive High School in Suffolk, lived in the middle of nowhere and ended up here playing songs to millions through writing loads of songs and playing loads of gigs”, he said.  He is funding creative arts for a school and is disappointed the government has stopped supporting Arts, Drama and Music.

Flags at Half-mast to honour Senator John Mc Cain as New York and all America joins Washington

It took a whole day and a lot of criticism, for President Trump to order the flags to be displayed at half-mast, in honour of the ex-POW and the six-term Senator John Mc Cain who died recently.

Inspirational Story


“It is important to be a person of honour

than be a person with wealth.”


Contents- BBC News,

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful,  Be Joyful   Be Peaceful


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