Anxiety & EMDR

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When my anxiety is bad, it is bad. My stomach constantly lurches (like the feeling you get when you go down a rollercoaster). My heart palpitates, I get a nerve rash on my face and chest, and my body temperature goes up. I also feel physically sick. I have been struggling with anxiety pretty badly the last few months and it has been rough to say the least. While I do things like meditate, exercise and yoga to try to help myself, when it is as bad as it has been these things are almost pointless.

I came home from walking my dog the other night and my anxiety was at level extreme. Rather than take medication to make it subside, I decided to try an app I downloaded called Anxiety Release, which is EMDR therapy based (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing). EMDR works by creating bilateral stimulation which reduces…

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