Please tell, what are you doing with that shine in you?

It is my belief that every one of us has a ‘shine’ in us. Some may have lost all notion of this possibility growing up in the most ‘unfavourable’ of circumstances for their ‘shine’to be revealed, put to full shine and appreciated, but others like myself have surpassed all that, and are now letting our ‘little shines’ shine. Be ye therefore inspired to find your ‘shine’, to love your shine, to be okay with wherever in your journey you are, but above all to keep the zeal and above all  be the best you can be always…

New Month, new fashion; I want to try publishing twice weekly on SIWO so help me God lol…

Wishing us all a great month ahead, especially to all parents in the house.


11 thoughts on “Please tell, what are you doing with that shine in you?

        1. Seriously boo, that’s all that matters. Be the best you can be, say the best you can say, do the best you can do…and we all inspire and motivate each other somehow. Am so glad some of my poems get the terrific likes they do here on SIWO hahaha

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            1. And that’s the best you can do my boo. I can imagine you would have loved to see/feel the impact of your shine, but I don’t think even the sun can tell all those who feel/appreciate its shine. Some charities really do what they outline but others sadly not. We just have to happy letting our shine shine the best we can

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