Depression 9.3.18


Dark clouds of bleakness


It’s evil gnarled fingers

Grabbed for my

Exposed ankle.

I fought to climb upwards.

Upwards towards

A glorious deep blue sky.

I screamed, “HELP ME!”

No one was near.

My cry for help

Was consumed

By a hole of nothingness.

Dark clouds of bleakness


It grasped my foot.

I felt myself starting to


Above, sunshine appeared,

It’s golden rays


My outstretched hand.

Slowly, the sunshine

Inched me upwards.

The dark clouds of

bleakness lost it’s hold.

Swiftly, plummeted

And out of sight.

I awoke, to find the

early morning sun

shining through my

bedroom window.


Kind Regards and #winning – K

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