Four success quotes

“Someone with a success mindset is usually inspired by the success of others to fight harder to succeed. The one with a failure mindset instead feels intimidated and discouraged by the success of others. Instead of emulating them to become successful, they give up and blame others, unfavorable circumstances or ill-luck for their inability to succeed.

(Romilia Quotes)

2. “Don’t try to discourage me. I am too tough to be discouraged. That is what sets me apart from the crowd. ”

(Romilia Quotes)

3. “If you are comfortable in your comfort zone, do not envy those who are shining. If you want to shine, get out of your comfort zone. Try new things. Try new ways. Be brave.” (Romilia Quotes)

4. “To risk is must if you want to make it big. Nobody makes it big with taking bug calculated risks.” (Romilia Quotes)


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