Just observe the reality

When it seems life is giving us hard time,

When our surrounding becomes unpleasant,

When the solution of our problem starts losing its value,

When our motivation becomes ineffective,

When there appears trap in every decision we make,

When darkness appears more familiar than light,

When our mind start finding happiness in strange things,

When we cannot explain our own situation,

When our old principles turn out to be nonproductive,

When things do not go our way,

When everyone who want to help us appears enemy,

And when life lost its value in our perspective then,

Just observe the reality of life

Observe it like never before,

Observe it from some distance,

Observe every bit of it,

From birth to death

From past to future

From dreams to reality

From failure to success

Observe it

Observe it like we were not aware,

Observe to take a decision,

To make a way,

To make our life worth living,

Then we will know our position,

Our worth , our capacity

We will know that hidden life within us,

We will know the stability that we can achieve,

We will get the answers of our questions,

Now we see light like it was already there,

Now we love everyone around us,

We hope for more than what world thought for us,

Now we starts solving problems like they never existed,

Just because

We have observed the reality.


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