SIWO Global News 30th August 2018 #136

Knowledge is Wealth

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Theresa May in Kenya

The UK Prime Minister’s has brought 20 companies who are ready to invest in the Kenyan economy.  This is to create 2,250 high-value jobs and a further 100,000 extra one in the wider economy.  With the UK’s involvement an oncology hospital will be built and a company in Kenya will design and build cars.

President Kenyatta rebuked Theresa May for the length of time its taken a British Prime Minister to come to Kenya, which is nearly thirty years since Margaret Thatcher’s visit.  He said his country had made progress and worked with the US and China who had invested in the economy.

Ayanna Pressely, she is African American and a Democrat running for Governor

A Boston City Councillor and congressional candidate is running for the seat once held by john F. Kennedy.  Massachusetts’s 7th Congressional district is economically diverse, ranging from affluent Cambridge to lower-income neighbourhoods like Roxbury.  She is among the growing number of female candidates running for office in the November Primaries.

Inspirational Story


It is not titles that honour men,

But men honour titles.


Niccolo Machiavelli


Content: BBC News   ABC News

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful       Be Joyful      Be Peaceful


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