Why Fluffer Friends Aren’t Good Friends

A good read. Read this. You will be happy you did.

Faithfully Falling Into Life

I have had many friendships throughout high school already. Some have stayed and are still alive. Some have withered away and no longer exist. Some are being revived because we have learned how to be honest. I have realized that the friendships that have lasted and kept strong are the ones that are based off of honesty; not fluff. So I decided to put together a list of why honesty is best in a friend.

1. They’re compliments are incredibly uplifting.

If they give you a compliment, their words will have deeper meaning. They’re not the kind to give empty compliments, so when they say something like, “You have a true gift,” or, “You’re talent is really shining through,” you know they mean it, truly.

2. They don’t let you go out looking ridiculous.

Sometimes outfits I think are cute in the mirror, I end up hating throughout the day…

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