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Elderly Care In Crisis- Reforms Due

In a new study, it is estimated that there will be a rise of 1 million in the number of people of 65 years and over by 2035.  Those aged 85 and more need help to bath, to dress and to use the toilet, and by 2035 it is also expected their numbers will double to 446,000.  This calls for action as solutions must be found to deal with it.  The British Government is setting out a legislation called Reform for Adult Social Care this autumn.

The elderly are taking steps to stay healthy, a group of over 60s have taken to walking to keep healthy.  They spoke of being agile, sociable and having good nutrition helps, they take seriously the practice of not drinking or smoking and not waiting till it’s too late. Others have worked with their families to have renovations made to their homes, so they have a bedroom downstairs and a walk-in shower to use as mobility becomes difficult for them.

In order to finance this new social care reform many reckon, workers should pay more tax and the NHS ought to invest more too.   Sharon Allen, the Chief Executive of a charity called Skills for Care, says attracting more workers has to involve explaining what the job is about to the public.  The problem with attracting workforce is the job is known for its long hours and low pay.  These ares are of concern and needs to be investigated and corrected.

Funeral Services Held For Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin and Senator John Mc Cain

In Detroit thousands celebrated the life of Aretha Franklin, inside the Greater Grace Temple, family, friends, musicians, political and religious leaders as well as the one thousand ticket holders from the public gathered for the occasion.  Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and Ariana Grande sang and Former President Bill Clinton gave a moving speech.

John McCain

In Washington, the family, friends, the military and politicians  including former Presidents George Bush and Barak Obama came together to honour former prisoner-of-war and Senator John McCain.  Tributes were paid by the two former presidents and mourners lined the route to the US Naval Academy where he was buried.

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“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”


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