Effort and Desire Do NOT Guarantee Success


There’s a brand of so-called “optimism” floating around that is just as toxic as pessimism: the magical idea that simply wanting something and trying hard to achieve it is always enough to succeed. And if you fail, that just means you didn’t really want it or didn’t really try your best. Any legitimatereasons why you couldn’t achieve that goal are just “excuses”.

In that case, everyone who has ever died from a terminal illness is guilty of suicide. In fact, everyone who has ever died from anything is guilty of suicide, seeing as how all it takes to live forever is to wantandtry to live forever; “where there is a will, there is a way”, right?

I guess I should shoot one of these people in their heads and let them bleed out on the floor without any medical assistance. If they die, it’s because they didn’t

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