SIWO Global News 2nd September 2018

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Labour Party Suffers Divisions

The treatment of Jewish people in the Labour Party has been challenged by activists, who will not stand for the anti-semitic behaviour and culture.   Although this issue has been exposed over the years, it has now truly been pulled out of the bag and there is no hiding place.  Protest and counter-protests with affiliations to one leader or other is breaking down a party that was known for non-racist stance.  Everyone is looking to Jeremy Corbyn to do the right thing and declare the national party to be anti-racist.

Theresa May Rules Out A 2nd Referendum

This day Brexiteers, David Davis and Boris Johnson went into a full force barrage regarding the Chequers Deal for Brexit, which they believe will not benefit the United Kingdom.  In an interview, the former Brexit Secretary indicated, that the  UK was giving “too much away”   Boris Johnson’s Daily Telegraph column was damning of Theresa May’s Chequers Deal, saying it “means disaster.”   The Peoples’s Vote Conference was held to push for a 2nd Referendum and Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal Democrats was a speaker at the event.

US pulls $300 million of Aid money from Pakistan

President Trump has cut the $300 million Aid money promised to Pakistan.  The US is not happy that the Aid money is being diverted to sponsor terrorist groups.  With the new Prime Minister Imran Khan looking to reform the country and modernise the essential services , this is a blow but the drive to succeed despite challenges was evident in his speech.

Nazanin  Zaghari-Ratcliffe collapses on going back to prison

Nazanin spent three days with her daughter and family after a surprise release from prison.  Nazanin’s daughter showed off her nursery school where Nazanin met her daughter’s teacher and classmates.   However, on her return to prison voluntarily, Nazanin must have been emotional stressed and her husband, Richard who is in England said, he will not ask for any further temporary release.

Inspirational story


“The Secret To Happiness Is Freedom…

And The Secret To Freedom Is Courage”




Content- BBC News

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful   Be Joyful  Be Peaceful


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