What is our life today….. ???

Every day we live life as a routine – we wake up praying that our day should be good but its not always the same.. sometimes joy, sometimes stressed, sometimes emotional, sometimes nothing so special… In this daily routine we come across so many people so many messages and only a few calls.

But the question that comes to my mind do we smile at all those people who smiled at us today, do we respond to all the messages that we received in during the day and the last one – do we remember to really call back those who called us.


Friends – our life is short or long is not the point but the truth is life doesnot wait for anyone – The time gone is gone, day gone is gone.

Many times we say I will meet you later, i will talk to you later, i will call you back later, i will message you later.. but that later never comes ; time passes by, day passes by, month passes by…..

By the time we remember or we take time to revert back we may get the very heart breaking message that the person we wished to reach is no more in this world.

Even at home when our parents, our dear ones, our relatives or our friends come hurriedly approaching us to share something, we say just spare a minute or just give me few minutes I will listen to you.. but many times we are so busy in our life, so much that the ONE MINUTE turns to be One hour or 24 hours or 1 week or so on and on and the voice that had come to share something with us is still waiting for us with a hope.

In this busy life we are so much engrossed that the ONE MINUTE which we promised to our dear ones never comes back again and within a blink we may even lose our closest ones and haunt the whole life of ours with a scar of guilt and regret.

So friends please give that ONE MINUTE, give a reply promptly to the loving messages you receive daily, do call back at the earliest to the call that you missed.. be a reason for someone’s happiness and please do not be a regret for someone’s life.

THAT ONE MINUTE THAT ONE CALL.. Always Remember !!!!



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