SIWO Global News 3rd September 2018 #140

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Clear Online Images of Child Sex Abuse-  Sajid Javid Warns Big Tech Companies

The Home Secretary gave Facebook, Google and Twitter a stern warning to face new laws if they do not step up efforts to clear images of online child sex abuse from the accounts showing them.  The cases of online child sex abuse has increased dramatically as 80,000 people in UK pose a threat to children online.  The National Crime Agency say the problem is detecting the source and these big tech companies have assess to it.

£21 million has been assigned to the Law Enforcement Agency to track down offenders and £2 million for preventative work.  The big problem to overcome in order to get at the online offenders is their anonymity via email addresses while committing these offences.  Encryption is another obstacle to the police as they cannot get into people’s sites.  Lastly, the issue of jurisdiction and slackness comes into play when working with other countries, whose help is needed to bring the offenders to court, and this means time and money.

200-year-old National Museum of Brazil On Fire

Brazilians watched in dismay as their 200-year-old National Museum filled with 20 million priceless historical items and artefacts burned to ashes except for 10%.  A home for the Royal Portuguese family in the 1800s, the building housed a 12,000-year-old human fossil known as Louisa, the oldest found in the Americas. It also had Egyptian and Roman treasures as well as immense Brazilian losses

People are sad and angry for the scientific, cultural and historical loss, blame is being placed squarely on the government’s shoulders because of the budget cuts and lack of funds for the National Museum.  There was no fire safety precautions or water hydrants.

US And India Defence Deal

Mike Pompeo , US Secretary of State and US Defence Secretary arrived in India to discuss details of the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) with India’s defence and foreign heads. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had discussed this agreement with his Cabinet to make sure there will not be any infringement of India’s  security.

Inspirational Story


A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.


Contents- BBC News,   Al-Jazeera TV,

SIWO Reportter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful   Be Joyful   Be Peaceful


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