SIWO Global News 4th September 2018 #141

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Typhoon Jebi Lashes Japan With The Strongest Winds in 25 Years

The powerful Typhoon Jebi caused immense damage to Western Japan with winds of over 107 miles an hour.  The region’s Kensai International Airport was flooded and some aeroplanes had water reaching up to the engines as the runways were flooded.   An unknown number of passengers are stranded at the Airport because the wind smashed an empty oil tanker into the bridge connecting the city to the airport.

The strong winds toppled vehicles and trees, blew roofs off houses, caused tornadoes, landslides, high waves, storm surges and power cuts to the region.  People have been advised to keep safe by going to designated centres or stay in the upstairs part of their homes.

China – Africa Summit

Leaders from China and 50 African countries held a summit in Beijing to establish their plans for future cooperation, as China and Africa have growing economies and population.  China President Xi Jinping has pledged a $60 billion package of Aid money but does not want “vanity projects.”  The size of the money has been met with statements of “debt-related colonialism and “debt-trap” diplomacy and interest in extraction of resources from Africa.  China has a history of bringing its contractors and workforce to the country receiving the loan as in the case of Kenya, therefore employment and training is not created for the local inhabitants and multiples of loans is not putting the country on a good economic grounding.

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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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2 thoughts on “SIWO Global News 4th September 2018 #141

  1. Thank you for the global news. Global weather disasters are getting more numerous and stronger? I do not think it is everyone’s imagination! This old planet is finding itself in turmoil not only weather wise but also political wises. I was in Japan in 1962 when Carmen came ashore, we thought that was bad. Colonialism is alive and well. Globalization will help the super rich at the expense of people who are hungry every day and have no say.


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