Ask Your Inner Self 🌸

Hey everyone !

It’s me, Amulya, again ! How are you guys doing? Great ? Hmm?

Well, I have been writing and answering questions for a few months now, and I believe, it’s a good way to explore one’s inner self and tangled thoughts. I thought we could do something like that on here !

Afterall, we are all inspired people, here to inspire others 🌸

So, I’ll be asking you all a question in every one or two days. The question will be related to self exploration. I’ll write my answer to that question in the comments section below and I expect the same from you wonderful people ! 🌿 It’ll be a great way to interact with eachother and know what our opinions are or different topics or parts of our lives. 🌿

I hope it’ll be a fun activity ! 🌸

Question for today : Do you feel loved?


22 thoughts on “Ask Your Inner Self 🌸

  1. Do I feel loved???
    Can’t even answer that because I think that I don’t love myself, that am just useless,can’t even give my family what they expect of me, keep on doing bad things to myself
    So how can feel loved when I don’t even love myself…..

    • I remember the time when I used to feel the same. It’s natural and understandable.
      But, don’t let these thoughts invade and control your mind. One exercise that really helped me, was writing down what I felt. Write it down. Pour your heart out on a paper. You’ll feel so much untangled.
      Look your blessings and the things around you, that make you happy. Talk. Talk to people. Talk to yourself.
      Your body does a lot of effort to keep you alive, love it, it’s wonderful !

      If you want, email me at
      I’ll be happy to be of any help.

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  3. Yes, I do. Deeply. And the greatest of the love, is the one that I have for myself. It is important to love yourself. And, I love myself beyond all the flaws that I have. Do you love yourself ?

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