Enjoy with him

I know you are in love
With another man;

I know you think
I do not know it;
I know you think
You have succeeded
To hide it from me;
Let me tell you
Here and now, dear,
That you havent;
I know everything;
I know what you are
Doing behind my back;
I am not as foolish
As you think;
I know what’s going on;
I want you to go ahead;
I thought you special;
Now, I know you’re not;
You’re ordinary,
Like every other woman,
You are weak;
You have weaknesses;
Where your heart is,
I allow you to go ahead;
If that is what you like;
Your love is not your doing;
No individual creates love;
It comes from heaven;
Go on with what you are
When you have had enough,
You can stop;
If not, go on and on;
Enjoy yourself;
After all
He has your heart;
And all I want for you
Is the best.
It’s your happiness;
As long as you like it,
I am for it;
Go ahead and do it, baby;
Officially you are still mine
Though in reality you belong to him.
Because I love you so much
I want you to be happy;
Enjoy and enjoy with him.


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