I DID IT! I’m published!


What a glorious journey!

Worth every gray hair, 14 hour day, and nail biting moment!

Where the Cows Still Play

Is available in paperback on Amazon.com!!

Author- Kallie Knight

Photographer- Brian Gage!

It is available in Kindle too. But it does NOT do it justice!

It’s meant to be a Coffee table book. Excellent for gift giving.

The photographs in the book are vivid! Not a Kindle trait.

Though the cover is not exactly what we had blogged.


I chose a Matte finish. A nice offset, to my chosen bright white pages. (Superb photo quality!)

Since receiving my copy, I’ve gone in and changed the ink color and font on on the back cover.

A much easier process than I believed it was to be.

THEN late yesterday;

I received the best FB PM.

One of my High school, classmates from many moons ago, who now lives…

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8 thoughts on “I DID IT! I’m published!

    1. Thank you so much, N! It’s glorious you have been one of my largest supporters during this journey.
      Thank you for all the wonderful things you do! The people you help! We are better for having you as a part of our lives! Success is brought about by teamwork!
      No one truly does it alone! Big hugs! ❤️☀️☀️❤️


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